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Handy steam cleaner
Item No.S-002

The product only uses ordinary water, under the 120ºC high accuracy of sensors and multi-functional accessories, to clean dirt, greasy spot, dust.

Product Description

1) This new steam cleaner can be used to clean, disinfect, degrease, kill germs and remove peculiar smell without second contamination; Especially, the unit can be conveniently used for ironing clothes

2) The steam cleaner does not need chemical detergent, only with ordinary tap water, it makes the inlet water quickly vaporized into steam through the components inside the unit and sprays out high temperature steam through the nozzle

3) The unit can be widely used for home, office, hospital, lab, restaurant, auto beauty to create a clean and healthy working and living environment


1) The core component of steamers (heating unit) is an innovative design and gained patent. It's a very high efficiency of heat exchanging inside the heating unit. Therefore it can produce far more pure and high temperature steam. In fact, the steam temperature can reach even 200 degrees only if you would like it

2) Only 20 ~ 30's preheat time can spray strong steam. How long you use, how much water is heated up

3) The appliance is an open and low pressure system. You can stop working and add water at any time, furthermore, all water tanks of our steamers are transparent, so it's easy to know when to refill

4) With more practical accessories and stronger performance, the appliance can achieve more functions such as ironing; Disinfecting and steam beauty making which other steamers can not

5) On handle steam control and flexible tube connection

Voltage: AC230V/AC110V

Power: 900-1050w Heating time: Approx3-4minutes

Injection steam capacity: 28g/min Tank capactiy: 250ml

Steam pressure: 2.5-4.2Bar Best working capacity: 175ml

Dimension: 285*145*225mm PC/CARTON: 6PCS

20'FT: 3300PCS Meas: 43.5*26.5*48CM

40'FT: 6200PCS NW: 12.6KG

40''HQ: 7500PCS GW: 13.4KG

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