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steam cleaner with iron(2 in 1)
Item No.SG-006

The steam brush electric iron was developed on the basis of traditional electric iron in the 21st century. Added with new functions, it is an ideal product of each family in modern life, and has the following functions:

1. Two Usages: When using it, the clothing can be directly hung on the hanger or laid on the table.
2. Explosive Steam: The wrinkle is removed directly and rapidly through continuous spraying of explosive steam.
3. Teflon Board: With lubricated bottom surface, it can iron all wrinkles.
4. Movable Brush: Wipe stained mud, dirt, etc.
5. Hair Brush: Brush the stained dust, soft fur, etc.
6. Temperature Regulating Switch: Suitable for ironing objects made of different materials, such as cotton, wool, nylon, hemp, and artificial products.
7. Detachable water tank facilitates water adding.
8. Dry and Wet Use: Functions of dry and wet use.
9. It has small size, and is easy to carry in business trip or travel.
10. The humanized outline design facilitates ironing of corners and collars.
11. Other Parameters: 230V, 50/60Hz, 800W

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